Powtown shakedown


Michael Fisher

Bigfishsound is a multi-purpose music venture by Michael Fisher. In addition to producing and releasing his own music as Animal Souls, Michael also offers production services for other artists and provides professional live sound production for clubs and festivals around the Lower Mainland and beyond. Michael has been the house soundman for Captains Cabin Pub in Mission for a number of years and provided live sound production for Voo Noturno 3 & 4 in Hatzic. Along with Michael's colleague Scott Boyes, bigfishsound ran live sound production for the inaugural Powtown Shakedown Festival (2021) and we look forward to an even bigger and better festival this year!

Rachel Gura

Rachelle Gura is a self-care educator with over 17 years of teaching experience. Born in Winnipeg, moved to Lake Tahoe, settled in Toronto in 1993 until she was drawn to breath taking Powell River in 2021. Professional contributions include presenting on the stages of YogaPalooza, Green Living Show, guest appearance on Boomer TV and Lululemon Ambassador. Teacher Trainer for YogaVision 300hr RYT and The Roll Model Method®. Certifications include Yoga Tune Up®, Pilates, Barre, ELDOA™, Z-Health®, and NLP Rachelle guides you inward toward the intrinsic wisdom of your own body through movement, breath, and emotional awareness. This is the healing art of self-care.

Creekside Crossing Campground

Creekside Crossing Campground is a rustic campground located in Powell River on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. A private family run campground with your choice of camping on the open meadow or in the cozy rainforest. From Vancouver, Powell River is a beautiful trip up the Sunshine Coast on Hwy 101 with two ferries, with a scenic drive between, taking you through Gibsons and Sechelt. From Vancouver Island Powell River is a one ferry ride from Comox where whales have been sighted many times!

Random Dander

Friday, July 29 - 9:00 to 10:15 pm
Random Dander defines their name musically with influences from funk to blues, jazz, reggae, psychedelic and hard rock, this tight knit group mixes genres comfortably. James from Hammer Records called them a "very energetic band" and an "extraordinary experience" from a "very crazy cast of characters."

The Still Spirits

Still Spirits

Friday, July 29 - 7:30 to 8:15 pm
The Still Spirits are a 6 piece Yardcore band from the back woods of Maple Ridge. For the better part of the past decade they've been selling an intoxicating blend of bluegrass, spiked with the pure passion of punk rock, all across Western Canada. Bringing a thirst quenching fury to dance floors and back yard barn-burners, these fine fellows present a live energy that can only truly experienced properly amongst the thriving crowds at one of their hooch fueled hootenannies. From their humble beginnings as street buskers, rehearsing and recording their first EP in their own shine shack, to the sweat soaked stages across countless clubs, dives and speakeasies, one thing remains certain. If the Still Spirits are in your town, you better ready your livers and shine up your dancing shoes!

Etienne Siew

Etienne siew

Friday, July 29 - 6:00 to 6:45 pm
Etienne Siew crafts his music from the beauty of the West Coast and the forests of B.C, where he often spends his time fishing, hiking or canoeing. He leans into his roots as an artist of Trinidadian, Guyanese and British Ancestry, writing true-life experiences and imaginative tales into songs that will guide you through the themes of love, loss and triumph over adversity, that he explores in his original work. Etienne’s music is gaining recognition throughout Greater Vancouver, as he was recently voted Country/Roots Artist of the Year and the Top Fan Vote at the 2021 Fraser Valley Music Awards. Whether he is performing in a soft seated theatre, a festival stage or a campfire, his blend of warm tones, dynamic melodies, and powerful vocals will speak to your heart and make you feel as though you are walking right beside him in his stories.


Friday, July 29 - 4:35PM - 5:15PM



Friday, July 29 - 3:30 to 4:15 pm
Rising from the ashes of a worldwide pandemic, drums & guitar two-piece Blacksmith & Brewer bring a fresh, energetic perspective to the decoration of our time. Introduced through their late, a great friend, Dan Small (Dan's Homebrewing Supplies, Vancouver), guitarist/singer/brewer Chris Booth and drummer/blacksmith Kelly Backs come by the name Blacksmith & brewer honestly, (Their actually day jobs!) and have forged a musical bond that reaches back to the early days of punk and into the future of rock.

Daniel Wesley

Daniel Wesley

Saturday, July 30 - 9:45 to 11:00 pm
With nine studio albums and a double live at the commodore ballroom album, Daniel Wesley has been bringing his “beach music” to the masses since 2006. Beginning with Outlaw to his most recent Beach Music album, Wesley has showcased many different musical styles taking fans on a journey through his life. Known for is good times Live concerts, Daniel continues to play for the people, leaving everyone singing and dancing well into the night even after the show is done! Daniel and band are looking forward to playing Powtown this summer, come and join us for a fantastic weekend of music.

Strong Bow & Wry

Strong Bow & Wry

Saturday, July 30 - 8:35 to 9:20 pm
Tony Ivan O'Hara and Jennie Bice team up in the dynamic duo, "Strongbow & Wry" and they are a force to be reckoned with! Tony Ivan O'Hara is a naturally gifted lyricist that has the remarkable ability to write songs that touch people in profound ways. Bringing together the rich sound of blues and soul with rock and funk guitar playing, Tony is able to bring a unique flavour to each of his songs while paying homage to many great musicians of the blues era. Jennie Bice can set her fiddle ablaze in rock, funk and blues, as well as sizzling celtic jigs and reels. Her vocals are the perfect complement to Tony, and together they can take an audience to places they didn't know were there. Always a crowd favourite, Strong Bow & Wry manage to connect with audiences through ready wit and ability to spin a well loved song in a new way, often times improvising lyrics into the songs that reflect traits of the audience members. Bootstompers to tear jerkers, they do it all. Do NOT miss this band!

Dennis Bouwman

Dennis Bouwman

Saturday, July 30 - 7:25 to 8:10 pm
Dennis Bouwman is a folk singer with a rock 'n roll band. His honest and heartfelt lyrics paired with a voice like bourbon and honey are sure to captivate you and make you feel. Be it solo or with a band, Bouwman's carefully crafted songs land somewhere in the territory of John Prine, Jackson Browne and Tom Petty. This will be his second time at Pow Town Shakedown and is not a performance you will want to miss!



Saturday, July 30 - 6:15 to 7:00 pm
Campfire Shitkickers is a collective that began in 2016, and has been busy playing, recording & releasing music ever since. Having released 2 full-length albums & an EP, they’ve managed to combine their collective influences - such as Outlaw Country, Folk, Punk, Gypsy, Hip-Hop - & forged them together, forming their unique, yet accessible sound. Playing all over North America alongside such acts as The Real McKenzies, The Dreadnoughts, Days n Daze, The Mahones, etc.. - even playing the Sail Away Party on the Flogging Molly Cruise in 2017 (feat. such acts as Gogol Bordello, NOFX, Frank Turner, and many more) - they're a highly entertaining & versatile band with a strong presence on stage & online.

Border Town Bandits

Bordertown Bandits

Saturday, July 30 - 5:05 to 5:50 pm
A trio of power formed in a small border beach town. White Rock BC. Colliding California surf rock with heavy grunge of the Pacific Northwest. Tastes of San Francisco Psychedelia, Texas Swing and Detroit Rock and Roll. Creating a power house of original songs with a sound that is completely their own.

Outlaw- grunge power trio

Hollow Groves

Saturday, July 30 - 3:55 to 4:40 pm
Founded in 2018, Hollow Groves is an outlaw- grunge power trio emerging from the rocky, dangerous edges of the Fraser River in British Columbia.

Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business

Saturday, July 30 - 2:45 to 3:30 pm
Whiskey Business, local sunshine coast duo, brings you all your favourite ragtime, swing, jazz, country, folky, old timey tunes with a twist. Guaranteed to have you tapping your toes and shaking it up on the dance floor!

Graham Strang

Graham Strang

Saturday, July 30 - 1:45 to 2:20 pm
My name is Graham Strang, I am a 26-year old singer-songwriter who has spent the last few years performing all across the lower mainland and beyond, developing a following centered around Greater Vancouver! I play an energetic show full of upbeat Classic Rock/Pop covers that audiences will enjoy, as well as catchy original tunes that you'll be sure to remember! Through my travels across Western Canada I've developed a fun show full of songs and stories you won't soon forget

Ari Neufeld Jennie Bice

Ari and Jennie

Sunday, July 31 - 9:45 to 11:00 pm
Ari Neufeld and Jennie Bice are a dynamic duo blending unconventional story telling with deeply emotional celebration music, using primarily traditional instruments! Neufeld brings a bag of one man band tricks and an untamable desire to get the crowd roaring with laughter; Bice is able to play a right handed fiddle, in tango with her left hand creativity, dancing through an array of impressionistic, classical, traditional and progressively fun violining.

Emily Molloy

Sunday, July 31 - 8:35 to 9:20 pm
An eccentric mix of soul, modern rock n' roll, blistering blues and a nihilistic dose of grunge and punk rock, Emily Molloy has been able to pursue her passions and craft her sound to carve out her own unique place within the Canadian music scene. Her voice would be at home in the smoky basements of a Chicago cabaret or down the graffiti and rain soaked back alleys of Seattle. Emily is a staple of the Vancouver music scene, with an all-star cast of some of Canada's best musicians behind her. As her career grows, the need for an introduction dissipates.


Sunday, July 31 - 7:25pm – 8:10pm

Elise Boulanger

Elise Boulanger

Sunday, July 31 - 6:15 to 7:00 pm
Elise Boulanger is a sweet darkness wrapped in orchestral instrumentation. Hailing from the West Coast of Canada, this Indie-Folk artist completely captivates audiences with her haunting avalanche of a voice. Boulanger is a bilingual multi-instrumentalist and environmental advocate that creates cinematic dreamscapes atop cello, violin, piano, drums and ukulele. Deemed as "definitely one to watch" by the Times Colonist, Boulanger is influenced by nature, her classical training, and artists like Regina Spektor, Patrick Watson, and Radiohead. She's sonically reminiscent of Kate Bush.

Monty Montego & the Rocksteady crew

Sunday, July 31 - 4:50 to 5:50 pm
Monty Montego and the Rocksteady Crew bring Jamaican music from the late 1960’s to life on stage, along with genre-loyal originals. Hailing from the musical sweet-spot in history between the emergence of ska and reggae, rocksteady music birthed legends like Toots and the Maytals and Derrick Morgan, never failing to fill the dance floor! Sweet harmonic voicings, iconic to the genre, are sung by Michael Clarke (lead/guitar), Keely Halward (keys) and Ian Hunt (bass). Grooving bass lines and the classic one-drop beat are brought by Ian, and Allain Morin (drums) who toured extensively with NGOMA. Monty Montego is your all-seasons, all-ages favorite backdrop to a good time and sunny vibes.



Sunday, July 31 - 3:55 to 4:40 pm
Hailing from Powell River BC, alternative grungers Mantra (Mark Lindenthaler, Doug Thistlethwaite & Ethan Hummel) write original music inspired by the early 90s Seattle scene. Set on world domination, these young rockers choose to build their audience organically through intense live shows rather than building a conventional social media presence.

Paul Merrier

Sunday, July 31 - 2:45pm – 3:30pm

Amber Ablaze

Sunday, July 31 - 1:45 to 2:20 pm
Amber Ablaze is a Vancouver based Westcoast singer/songwriter. Drawing her inspiration from the the world around her and her life experiences. Recently teamed up with a powerhouse of talented musicians to form the Amber Ablaze Band. Styles include a unique blend of Rock,blues,psychedelic,folk and country to create a one of kind sound. Sure to get you out of your seat, feeling those good vibes and Rockin along with them.
Amber Ablaze Website
Amber Ablaze Facebook

Beach Crashers

Beach Crashers

Monday, August 1 - 8:45 to 10:00 pm
Beach Crashers are a collection of unique musicians that will inspire you with the very same warmth as the fire that created them. The sincerity in their voices and instruments blend like a vivid and colourful horizon. The beating of the drum, the jangling strums, and their weaving voices inspire heartfelt connections and nostalgic memories. Their harmonious beach music will leave you with a song in your heart long after dusting the sand from your shoes.

The Midnight Echo

Monday, August 1 - 7:35 to 8:20 pm
The Midnight Echo is a four piece Alternative Rock Band based in Vancouver, with a deserved reputation for delivering a high energy live show. Lead by the high octave (and octane) vocals of Joel Lalonde, seemingly effortless lead guitar of Tyler Rayman, inspired bass lines and vocal harmonies of Matt Gibson, and dynamic and entertaining beats provided by Aaron Passek, The Midnight Echo comes alive on every stage. The band fuses the hook-laden anthems of the early 2000’s with the synth-driven tones of 80’s New Wave to create their own unique and atmospheric sound. You might hear the influence of U2, 30 Seconds To Mars, Angels and Airwaves, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World and maybe even some early Fall Out Boy, but the sound of The Midnight Echo is their own. Each song they perform is filled with passion, rich with intensity, angst, and relatable experiences. Anyone who witnesses The Midnight Echo will be left with a sense of shared emotions, perhaps emotions never felt before.

Latin funk

Monday, August 1 - 6:25 to 7:10 pm
Latin Funk is a collective of Sunshine Coast DJs and MCs bringing hot, funky Latin sounds to the dancefloor. Headed by DJ Sam Pulpo, this group has been playing sold out shows on the lower Sunshine Coast for 6 years, frequently collaborating with a long list of other local artists.
Sam Pulpo has lived and travelled all over Latin America, from Chile to Colombia, Galapagos to Guatemela. His eclectic DJ sets include a passion for the funkier side of the Latin spectrum. Expect classic Salsa, Cumbia and Calypso all infused with liberal helpings of Breakbeats, House and Drum and Bass.
DJ Paola Rodriguez was born in Mexico City and lives on the Sunshine Coast of BC. She started DJing in 1996 experimenting with many different genres and in the later years has been moving people on the dance floor with her collection of Latin Beats.
MC Topher Trick is one of the founding members of the Latin Funk collective in Robert's Creek. Latin beats with live hip hop lyrics, creating a unique West Coast-Latin fusion, always surprising and never one to fade into the background, expect to see Topher Trick jumping from stage to speakers to dancefloor and back again



Monday, August 1 - 5:15 to 6:00 pm
Since the age of four, Mara has captivated audiences everywhere from her hometown to international stages. Her style is influenced by artists such as Eva Cassidy, Tori Kelly, and Lawrence. Mara’s soulful pop sound has hints of R&B and folk that audiences will find a force to be reckoned with.



Monday, August 1 - 4:05 to 4:50 pm
Tayos is a four-piece Chilliwack band made up of Connor James; lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Raphael Medina; bassist and backup vocalist, Bryce Richardson; lead guitarist and backup vocalist and Mykal Storey; percussionist. With the most recent additions being; Aron Burchart, sound engineer, Landon Johnston, band videographer, rounding out the technical side of things. The group began by playing a multitude of cover songs, quickly moving onto writing their own original music showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Drawing inspiration from Led Zeppelin to Bob Dylan, Van Halen to The Beatles and everything in between, the group has acquired an eclectic grouping of originals on their debut album “Flintlocks and Feathers”, out on all major music streaming platforms now!


Dawson Jaxn & Renelle

Monday, August 1 - 2:30 to 3:40 pm
Dawson Jaxn Wikene is from small town Powell River, BC. Dawson started off playing music with his mum Renelle in small markets and bars. With a repertoire spanning from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Hank Williams to Eminem, he plays it all. While his focus is primarily cover songs, Dawson is finally starting to write some of his own original music that he hopes to have available on his Facebook, Instagram and music streaming platforms by August 2022.

Pat Buckna

Pat Buckna

Monday, August 1 - 1:30 to 2:10 pm
Pat Buckna is a singer-songwriter who began performing in Calgary during the late 1960’s, toured in Western Canada, and set up the first record label in the NWT in the early 1980’s. He’s been a music festival artistic director, concert promoter, stage manager and recording engineer. In the mid-80’s Pat took a thirty-year hiatus from the profession, but after moving to Powell River, he immersed himself in the local music scene and began performing and writing again. In 2019 Pat published Only Children, a memoir that describes his early days in music, his time on the road and how music changed his life. Photo credit: Sherry McKnight.